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As health leaders, public health medicine specialists are often at the forefront of issues that could impact on the public health and social well-being of New Zealanders. As a result of this, the NZCPHM regularly makes submissions on items of public health interest. These submissions, policy statements and the supporting research can be found in this section. You will also find consultations where the College or its stakeholder organisations are seeking the views of our members. 

The 'Prescription for Health and Equity for All' is the NZCPHM's briefing paper to the Minister of Health describing key health and social issues for New Zealanders, along with proposed, evidence-based strategies and actions to address these issues effectively. The paper is supported by an infographic. Further detail about each of the listed issues can be found in the College's policy statements. The NZCPHM has a strong focus on prevention as preventable diseases remain leading cause of health loss in NZ. 

Context of Public Health

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